Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy the show where everybody either dies or leaves. The OG's of Grey's Anatomy. However, no matter who leaves or who dies, there will always be one relationship eveyone will know and love: Christina and Meredith.

Let's start Meredith, who's played by Ellen Pompeo, is the daughter of Seattle Grace's legend Ellis Grey, starts her internship by realizing she has slept with her boss. So long story short, she becomes best friends with her fellow interns (Christina is her person); she has an on-again-off-again relationship with Derek Shepherd (the boss, whom she also marries); she was dealing with her mother's Altziehmer's and then she died; she's almost blown up by a bomb, almost drown's, lives through a mass shooting and plane crash; she also marries Derek and adopting one child and two more with Derek.

Christina is the person everyone wants to be: cold, semi-heartless, blunt, care-free, loyal, competitive, and the ultimate best friend. She dates and almost marries Dr. Burke, the heart surgeon, but he leaves her at the alter. She also miscarried his child. She survives being stabbed by an icicle, the hospital shooting, a bomb, and a plane crash, she marries and divorces Owen, the trauma surgeon, who married her right after the shooting. she quits being a surgeon for a short period and becomes a bartender for an even shorter period. Christina moves away to do her fellowship, but then comes back, then she moves to Europe to become the Chief of Cardio and for more advantages regarding her clinical research.